nature watching

27 June, 2008 at 11:24 am ()

Over the last two evenings I have also been spending time in the Botanic Garden observing the bats that visit of an evening in search of food.  Wednesday evening was a lovely summer’s evening and predictably there was a lot of bat activity as they fed along and above the River Cherwell.  One of the best observation areas was just below The Spring Walk as the absence in vegetation made it easier to see the bats against the night.  This is also quite a handy area as it’s next to one of the temperate greenhouses that not only has electricity but also a humidity that is equipment friendly.

On the Thursday night the weather was foul, and the river became a sort of wind (and rain) tunnel, so not very conducive for the bats feeding.  There were, however, a few bats feeding below the Alnus Glutinosa tree, which is just above The Spring Walk.  Here they flew round and around the tree just below its canopy again and again, feeding off the insects just below the branches.

During the afternoons I have also tried recording the insects in the garden, but have not had so much success, mainly due to the excessive traffic noise that filers through from Oxford’s busy roads.  Even when using a parabolic microphone, I found the rumble too prohibitive.  I’ll have to think again about this.

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