getting there

4 September, 2008 at 3:34 pm ()

Last night we had our run-through.  It was a bit of a race to get everything finished in time, but we just about made it.

We have a sort of timetable for each evening, with different sounding events occurring at roughly fifteen minute intervals, so it was good to see how that timing felt and to check on the consensus regarding other details, such as sound overspill, and so on.

My bat piece, of course, remains silent until the bats arrive at the Botanic Garden, and then it springs to life.  Last night we had our first bat at eight o’clock, and by 8.30pm the piece was very active with lots of sounds.

Based on this experience, I would still like to do some fine tuning on the various sounds within the bat piece, to try and improve on the musical clarity in order to give listeners a deeper listening experience and also to perhaps make the sounds a little more ‘insect’-like – to make a connection with why the bats are there in the first place.  So, again, a lot to do before the doors open at 7pm tonight for the first performance.


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