first night

5 September, 2008 at 9:49 am ()

Well, our first night went really well.  About 500 people came and we apparently had some very good feedback about the various pieces.  I haven’t seen this yet, but when I do, I will post some of it on this blog.  The weather too was as good as could be expected – a still night with no rain.  Not so good perhaps for some of the aeolian harp sculptures elsewhere in the garden, but excellent for the bats!

I was really happy with how my bat piece sounded.  I spent the first half of the evening in the vicinity of the installation talking with people about how I created the work, and receiving many nice comments, especially from those who realised that they were witnessing a live event, in the sense that the music was being triggered by the bats themselves and was not simply a prerecorded composition.  Now, this morning I have a meeting with some of the ‘Friends of the Botanic Garden’ to talk about my work and how it connects with the garden, and then I have a bit more fine-tuning that I still want to do.

There has been a meteorlogical weather warning for Oxford today with apparently high winds and 50mm of rainfall expected today (60.9mm is the normal Sepetember average!) but the good news is that this is all meant to happen this afternoon with a return to quieter conditions by 7pm, which is when our performance is due to begin!


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