truly magical

6 September, 2008 at 11:23 am ()

Well, that weather forecast wasn’t correct!  The rain began at 7pm, but people still came, though in smaller numbers.  When the weather did clear (unfortunately with most of our audience) the place was truly magical as the few people who were left had the garden and its strange sounds and illuminations all to themselves.

Most of the school students that I had been working with on the Predator piece also came tonight and seemed to spend most of the evening enjoying their music and ‘jumping’ to the loud bits.  Their screams emanating from the secluded Spring Walk pathway was a rather humourous addition to the sounds in the garden.

The bat activity over the river was pretty minimal during the first part of the evening, I guess as a result of the rain, and so I also fed in a recording of their visit on another evening earlier this week.  Eventually, though, the rain did stop, by about 9pm, and then the bats came out in force and put on quite an amazing display, darting in and out of the shafts of light that we have installed along the river.

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  1. H F said,

    Despite a bit of rain, the magical hour was just that. An inspirational event.
    Shame Magdalen bell ringers could not have been persuaded to practice another evening.

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