7 September, 2008 at 9:36 am ()


Today is take-down day.  It seems a shame to be leaving the Botanic Garden after spending so much time here over the summer.  It’s always nice to work outside and, of course, fun to be working alongside a group of artists.  Still, I bet the gardeners will be glad to get the greenhouse back (as well as the rest of the garden)!

Last night the weather was better and the audience figures were up to what they were on Thursday.  The bats were out all evening and so I was able to simply ‘press go’ and run the piece for the whole event, giving me time to do some impromptu performances around the garden at different times with my CrackleBox and portable Theremin, and finishing off with a nice trio with my trombone with Tim Hill and Max Eastley.

Although last night’s Magic Hour was a very special event, funnily enough, I think my favourite evening was the Friday, after it had finished raining.  With less people there, the garden had the wonder of an unexplored land about it, providing a more intimate experience.  And, as for the bats, whereas for the other evenings the different species seemed to be following their normal routine of feeding at different times of the evening, it was like they all came out at once, providing a quite special spectacle.  It was interesting to observe how inclement weather can actually add to the evening’s experiences in a positive way.

I am grateful to Oxford Contemporary Music and the Botanical Garden for the opportunity to try out my Echolocation sound installation idea, and I have been pleased by the results and excited about its potential.  In the programme, I called this piece Echo 1.  Now I must look out for other opportunities for the creation of Echo 2, and so on.




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